Sundance In The Park

Sundance In The Park

Registration for in-person dancing opens at noon on Monday.
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Sundance presents outdoor line dancing! On Saturdays we are in Stern Grove from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. On Thursdays we are at the Cruise Terminal Plaza; from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

A special message for new folks: We are a primarily LGBT organization, but all are welcome to attend. If you are new, you'll have a better time if you are familiar with at least a few of the line dances that we do. We do not offer lessons at these events. We have live-streaming online lessons every Sunday, and all the lessons from the past year are archived for your review. Thursday is the better choice for beginners, as there is more space for everyone.

We are bound by rules set by San Francisco for small outdoor gatherings. Attendance is limited (currently to 17 at Stern Grove, and 24 at on Pier 27), and everyone counts as a participant regardless of how much you actually dance. Masks are required, and we enforce social distancing.

You must be pre-registered to participate. Please don't show up without a reservation. Walk-ups are accepted only if we are not sold out.

We take infection control precautions seriously! You must agree to our rules and complete an electronic Memorandum Of Understanding form each time you attend an event. You should do this within 48 hours prior to the event. A printed form is also available.

Thursday On The Pier
Thursdays • 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Cruise Terminal Plaza, Pier 27

Sundance In The Grove


We are on the large plaza next to San Francisco's new cruise terminal at Pier 27, on The Embarcadero, near Lombard and Battery Streets. map

PARKING: There is lots of free and low-cost metered street parking nearby. Completely free parking is limited to 2 hours until 9 pm. Metered parking is either free or 50 cents per hour after 6 pm, and around $3 per hour prior to 6 pm. Check our street parking map for more details. [The area is poorly served by MUNI and BART due to Covid. The closest MUNI lines are 1, 8 and 49. The closest BART station is Embarcadero.]

RESTROOMS: There are no restrooms in the vicinity, so plan accordingly! There are public restrooms available at Pier 39, but the hours of operation may be curtailed. We will have some of these ingenious products available for emergency use.


We are dancing in a coned-off section of the plaza. The surface is essentially the same as a generally smooth sidewalk.

We have three rows of up to eight dancers. The cones along the front and sides are spaced 12 feet apart. You should line up between the cones arranged at the front and sides of our dance area. (Front is towards the City.) Please maintain constant vigilance of the other dancers around you while you dance so we can stay 12 feet apart.

You may store bags along the back wall and benches, but please do not utilize the areas dedicated to registration, the sound system, or the DJ. Please stay 6 to 8 feet apart when not dancing. The tiles on the ground are 4 feet square, so keep at lease one full tile between yourself and others.

Saturday In The Grove
Saturdays • 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Stern Grove

Sundance In The Grove


We are on the stage of the concert meadow in Stern Grove, San Francisco. The main entrance to the park is at Sloat Blvd & 19th Ave. There are many other trail access points from Wawona St. or Vale Ave. map

PARKING: While there is limited parking inside the park (Stern Grove Entry Rd. or Vale Ave.), it may be full on a weekend. There is ample parking along Sloat Blvd., 19th Ave., or Wawona St. It's about a 1/4-mile walk down to the meadow from Sloat & 19th (follow the green paths on the map). [MUNI line 28; line M is nearby.]

RESTROOMS: There are restrooms at the Trocadero Clubhouse on the other side of the Entry Road parking lot. 


The stage in Stern Grove has an excellent flat wood floor, but space is somewhat limited. We can fit 18 dancers and maintain our desired 12-foot spacing.

We have three rows of six dancers. The cones along the front and sides are spaced 12 feet apart and will help you maintain your distancing. You should line up between the cones. Please maintain constant vigilance of the other dancers around you while you dance.

There is no designated social area. (Technically socialization is not allowed.) Store bags along the back wall of the stage.

The Rules

Masks are required at all times. If you must temporarily remove your mask, please step at least 30 FEET away from the dance and social areas and 30 feet away from other people (per SF order). (The stage in Stern Grove is 70 x 40 feet. The Cruise Terminal Plaza is about 70 feet wide.)

We require 12 FEET between dancers, and more is better. We will place orange cones to mark 12 feet. Dancers should line up between the cones at the front and sides, and start your dance in the center of a pod.

Maintain 6 to 8 FEET minimum between people at all times when not dancing.

Be extra careful when entering and leaving the dance floor, so you can continue to maintain your distance.

Do not crowd the DJ, who remains in a fixed location.

Do not congregate in groups. Move away from the dance area for socializing. Stern Grove explictly requires dispersal of the participants when the event is finished.

Partners and cohabitants must follow the same rules as other individuals.

No couples dancing, even between cohabitants.

Register For Sundance In The Park




Registration opens at 12:00 noon on Monday.

Registration is not required to attend the live-stream.

Sundance on the Pier
Cruise Terminal Plaza, Pier 27

Sundance in the Grove
Stern Grove


• If the current week's links are not displaying, try refreshing your browser.

• If we're sold out, you can put yourself on the waiting list. If we can't accommodate you, you'll be given priority for the following week.

• In case of cancellation due to weather or poor air quality, registered folks will have the first opportunity to sign up for the following week, and the waiting list will also be transferred to the following week.

Required MOU Form

• Complete this form on-line between 3 and 48 hours before the event (i.e. on Wednesday or by 3 pm Thursday for Thursday's event; on Friday or by 10 am Saturday for Saturday's event).

• A separate new form must be completed for each event.

• Please read the form carefully before signing. This is not a simple formality, but a legal document.

• Also available: pdf form for printing. Fill this out at home, or bring your own pen. You do not need the printed form if you complete the online form.

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