Sundance In The Park

Sundance In The Park

Sundance In The Park is in a new location, and is also subject to cancellation due to air quality.

Registration info will be available by noon on Monday.
(see below)

Or, tune in to the Sunday night live-stream for advance info.


Sundance presents line dancing in Golden Gate Park!

Please read through all of the material on this page carefully. Don't skim. San Francisco has rules that we must follow as an "outdoor group exercise" activity. More importantly, we want to create as safe an environment as possible, taking extreme measures to protect ourselves from infection, very likely well beyond what you are used to. We also want to give the appearance of safety for anyone walking by, so that there is never any question about us. We are using the plaza in front of the California Academy of Sciences, and while this is a semi-public space, we could be asked to leave at any time.

You must be pre-registered to participate. Please don't show up without a reservation.

There should be no more than 12 dancers on (or off) the dance floor at any one time. Please be courteous to your fellow dancers and take turns as necessary. It will be good for your knees to give them a rest from the concrete tile floor anyway.

Please read through the infection control rules carefully. We want you not only to understand them, but to embrace them. If you think they are too extreme, ask yourself, would you attend this event otherwise, if you knew that all participants except you were sick? These rules are in place so that your risk would still be negligible. We all have a different threshold for what we consider safe. Please respect those of us are trying to be extra-safe.

Each time you come, you must complete and sign a new electronic participant memorandum of understanding. You should do this within 48 hours prior to the event (i.e. Wednesday or Thursday). You can instead fill out a printed form and bring it with you. Fill it out at home, or bring your own pen. Without this form, you will not be allowed to participate.

We may sometimes split the event into two sessions. You should sign up for only one. At the end of the first session we will ask all of the participants to quickly vacate the plaza. The second session participants should not enter the plaza area until they see that the plaza is empty. We want to avoid having any appearance of a large gathering. The best place to wait is across the street in the concourse area.

Location and Layout

We are on the plaza in front of the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. This is across the Music Concourse from the DeYoung Museum. map

This is a semi-public space, and we do not have a specific reservation, so it's always possible that we'll be denied this space. Our back-up location is in the Music Concourse itself, towards the bandshell.

PARKING: JFK Drive is closed. There is no entry into the park from the north side, but there is usually parking along Fulton. From the south, you can enter at 9th Avenue and take MLK Drive, bearing to the left.


Plaza at the California Academy of Sciences

The distance between the poles in the plaza is 24 feet apart.

The tiles on the ground in the plaza measure 4 feet by 8 feet.

Use this knowledge to gauge your distances!

There are areas with benches on either side of the plaza. This is a natural place for people to rest and congregate together. But we don't ever want there to be a large group in one area. If it looks busy on one side, then head to the other side, or even better, to the concourse area across the street. Similarly, if everyone stores their coats and bags here, it will be a mess at closing time. Consider leaving your items elsewhere – the "back" of the dance area close to the building is a good alternate choice, but don't block the doorways to the museum.

The Rules

Masks are required at all times. If you must temporarily remove your mask, please step at least 50 FEET away from the plaza and 30 feet away from people (per SF order). 50 feet is twice the distance between poles in the plaza. Do not remove your mask while in the bench areas of the plaza. We strongly recommend you put on your mask from the moment you leave your car. Let's be good citizens while we are guests of the park, even as so many aren't.

We require 12 FEET between dancers, and more is better. The poles are spaced 24 feet apart. We have divided the plaza up into 12-foot sections, or "dance pods," by placing an orange marker half-way between the poles. Your "dance pod" will have an orange marker at one corner, and a pole at the opposite corner. To maintain a safe distance at all times, we recommend that you occupy nonadjacent pods.

pod map

Confused? We're now marking the ground with bright pink tape to show you where to stand to start the line dance. Center your dancing around this spot for the duration of the line dance.


Maintain 8 FEET minimum between people at all times when not dancing, (maybe 6 feet when passing). This includes the rest areas, and is purposely more than the 6 feet we are used to. The tiles in the plaza area are 8 feet by 4 feet.

Be extra careful when entering and leaving the dance floor. If the gap is too narrow to fit between two dancers (6 to 8 feet), you can ask folks to safely move over a bit to let you through, or turn around and find another path.

Limit the number of people in a rest area to no more than 6. If the area is full, find another place to wait.

Do not congregate in groups. Use the central concourse for socializing.

Partners and cohabitants must follow the same rules as other individuals. We may know it's safe, but passersby won't know and someone might report us as an unsafe activity.

No couples dancing, even between cohabitants.

Be especially aware and respectful of others using the park. For example, two people talking 6 feet apart may not allow a third person to pass and maintain a 6-foot separation.

Register For Sundance In The Park

• Registration information will be posted here by noon on Monday. •

• Or, tune in to the Sunday night live-stream for advance info. •

Required MOU Form

• Complete this form on-line within 48 hours of the event (i.e. on Wednesday or Thursday).

• A separate new form must be completed each week.

• Please read the form carefully before signing. This is not a simple formality.

• Also available: pdf form for printing. Fill this out at home, or bring your own pen. You do not need the printed form if you complete the online form.

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