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Sundance Saloon

Two Nights!

THURSDAYS 6:30-10:30pm
with lessons 7:00-8:00pm
SUNDAYS 5:00-10:30pm
with lessons 5:30-7:15pm

550 Barneveld Avenue
San Francisco, California

Admission $5 • 21+ w/ ID

Line Dances

A list of the line dances taught at Sundance Saloon over the past several years. Line dances with an asterisk (*) denote currently popular dances at Sundance Saloon.

Download stepsheets by clicking on the name of the line dance. These are pdf files which can be read by the free Acrobat Reader. The steps are specific to the way the dance has developed at Sundance Saloon.

Videos of some dances are also available. Instructional videos offer spoken directions (though the amount of actual instruction varies). Demo videos offer no instruction. Many line dances develop regional differences, and we try to indicate when the video doesn't quite match the way the dance is performed at Sundance Saloon.

*50 Ways [instructional video]
Backstreet Attitude
*Bad Romance [demo video] [instructional video]
*Barn Dance
*Bayou City Twister [demo video with minor differences]
Bomshel Stomp [instructional video]
*Boot Scootin' Boogie (a.k.a. Vancouver Boogie) [demo video]
*C. C. Shuffle [instructional video]
Chicago Stomp
*Chill Factor [demo video] [instructional video]
*Circle Jerk [demo video]
*C'mon C'mon [instructional video]
Coastin' [instructional video with minor differences]
Chompin' At The Bit
Corine Corina
*Counting Stars [instructional video]
*Cowboy Cha Cha [demo video]
*Crossing The Border [instructional video]
Dance Ranch Romp
*D.H.S.S. [instructional video]
*Dizzy [demo video]
*Doctor, Doctor [instructional video] [demo video]
Do Your Thing
*Easy On The Eyes [instructional video]
El Paso
Fake I.D. [instructional video #1] [instructional video #2 - good for styling]
Four Star Boogie
*Ghost Train [demo video]
*Georgia Winder [instructional video]
*Girl Crushin' [demo video] [instructional video]
Gotcha Good
*High Class [instructional video]
Hold Your Horses
*Hole In The Wall [demo video]
Honky Tonk Twist [demo video with minor differences]
*Imelda's Way [demo and instructional video]
*It Feels Good [demo video] [instructional video]
Jambalaya [demo video]
*Life Without U [demo video] [instructional video]
*Long Shot [demo video]
*Loosen Up My Buttons
Lover Lover [instructional video]
*Midnight Waltz [instructional video]
M.L.D. (My Line Dance) [demo video; instructional video]
*Mmm Bop [instructional video]
*Mucura Walk [instructional video]
*My Maria [instructional video]
Ooh Aah
*Outlaw[demo video] [demo video shows wild variations]
Picnic Polka
Power Surge
*Reggae Cowboy [demo video with minor differences]
Rhyme Or Reason [instructional video]
*Rio [instructional video]
*Roll Back The Rug
San Antonio Stroll
*Say Hey [instructional video]
*Scotia Samba [demo video with minor differences]
*She Bangs [instructional video]
*Showstopper [demo video] [instructional video]
*Sick Of Me [instructional video]
*Skiffle Time [demo video]
*Slap Leather
*So Just Dance Dance Dance [demo video]
Soakin' Wet [instructional video]
*Something In The Water [instructional video]
*Somewhere With You [demo video]
Southside Stomp
*Stitches [demo video]
Swamp Thing
*Tahoe Kick
*Tic Toc [instructional video]
Tumbleweed [instructional video]
*Tush Push [instructional video]
*Uno Dos Tres [instructional video]
Vancouver Boogie - see Boot Scootin' Boogie
*Walk The Line [demo video]
Walkin' Wazi
Watermelon Crawl
*What If We Fly [instructional video]
Whiskey River
Wild One
*Wonderland Waltz [instructional video][demo video]
*Zjozzy's Funk [instructional video]

Line dances introduced at Beatbox Country:
Ain't No Other Man [instructional video]
Country Girl Shake
So Done
Take U Home [instructional video]

You can find the step sheets to thousands of line dances at the following sites: