Sundance Saloon

Two-steppin' & line dancing
every Sunday and Thursday

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Two-Stepping at Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon

Country-western dancing for the LGBT community and its friends.

SUNDAYS: 5:00–10:30 pm
THURSDAYS: 6:30–10:30 pm
550 Barneveld Ave., San Francisco
$7 entry • 21+

Dancing at Sundance Saloon

New to Sundance?

We welcome everyone! You'll find a friendly and diverse crowd: women, men, trans, cis, young, old, gay, and straight friends of the LGBT community. Don't know how to dance? No worries: we'll teach you – no partner needed!

Sundance Stompede Exhibition Performance

Sundance Stompede

NOV 9–12, 2023
Our huge country-western dance extravganza, featuring four nights of dance parties, three days of dance workshops, and hundreds of attendees from all over the country (and beyond).

Sundance Saloon at SF Pride

Sundance Association

The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing is the all-volunteer community-supported 501c3 nonprofit organization that runs Sundance Saloon, the Sundance Stompede, and our many other projects.


Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon Covid Update
Face masks and vax no longer required

Wtih Covid transmission rates in the Bay Area finally declining to levels not seen since last March, face masks are now strongly advised but not required at Sundance Saloon. There is also no longer a vaccination requirement.

We continue to make Covid safety a top priority at Sundance Saloon. We have arguably the best-ventilated club in San Francisco with fresh air circulating throughout, supplemented by 15 high-powered HEPA-13 air purifiers. We continue to recommend masks, and at our first mask-optional night on September 4, one-half to two-thirds of our attendees continued to wear masks.

Sundance Saloon lessons

Beginning-plus Two-step Mini-lessons
Sundays • 6:15–6:30 pm
Sundance Saloon

Are beginning two-step lessons too basic for you? Are the intermediate lessons too advanced? We're introducing some formal time dedicated to teaching basic patterns that serve as the building blocks of more advanced level dancing.

On most Sundays we will reserve the final 15 minutes of the beginning two-step lesson to cover one of these basic patterns, starting at 6:15 pm. You can learn inside and outside turns, couples' turns, sweetheart's and cuddle positions, zig zag patterns, and more. If you are already comfortable with the basic slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm, you can skip the basic beginner lesson and just come to the beginning-plus session.

Black & Blue Ball

Black & Blue Ball
Sunday, September 25
Sundance Saloon

We celebrate Leather Pride week with a post-Folsom Street Fair party. If leather is not your style, don't despair! While leather, gear, and fetish wear is certainly welcome and encouraged, you can simply dress in black and/or blue. Or not, it's up to you. We'll still have a regular night of lessons and dancing.

Castro Street Fair

Sundance @ The Castro Street Fair
Sunday, October 2 • 11 am – 6 pm
Parking lot behind the Castro Theater, San Francisco

Country-western dancing returns to the Castro Street Fair for the first time since 2019! Dance all afternoon on our own portable dance floor, proudly custom-built by Sundance Association volunteers! Our location has changed again – we're back in the parking lot behind the Castro Theater!

We’re planning some quick beginning lessons throughout the afternoon ... and come help us teach the Barn Dance at 4 pm. We'll have our boot-check available so you can check your bags, clothes, or street shoes while you dance. (We need volunteers to build our dance floor, plus many other tasks throughout the day.)

ice cream

Sundance Saloon Ice Cream Social
Sunday, October 2 • 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Sundance Saloon • Doors open at 6 pm tonight

Another tradition returns to Sundance Saloon! After the Castro Street Fair on Sunday, come on down to Sundance Saloon and cool off with a nice helping of free ice cream from Mitchell's, starting at Sundance Saloon at 7:00 pm!

And, as it's the first Sunday of the month, we'll have our October birthday dance at 8:30 pm. We'll see you there!

NOTE: Sundance Saloon opens at 6:00 pm on this night, following the Castro Street Fair.

WCS lessons in the Loft at Sundance Saloon

West Coast Swing with Shin Aoki
October 9-16-23 • Beg 5:15 pm • Int 6:15 pm
Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon presents a three-week series of west coast swing instruction with Shin Aoki.

Beginning WCS - 3 week series - Oct. 9, 16, & 23, 5:15-6:10 pm. No experience necessary. $20 for the 3-week series. Advance registration required.

Intermediate WCS - 3 week series - 9, 16, & 23, 6:15-7:10 pm. Please be comfortable with WCS basics such as underarm turns, side passes, and 8-count whips. $20 for the 3-week series. Advance registration required.

Please sign up for either the beginner series or the intermediate series – not both. Not sure which series is best for you? Find Shin and ask him while you're at Sundance Saloon! Note: masks will be required while in the Loft.

Stern Grove

Sundance In The Park
Saturday, October 22 • 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Stern Grove, San Francisco

Sundance Saloon returns to the stage at San Francisco's Stern Grove for a glorious afternoon of two-stepping and line dancing. We danced here on Saturday afternoons during the pandemic shutdown from September, 2020 to June, 2021. The wood stage is perfect for dancing, and the setting is idyllic. We're planning a mix of about 60% partner dancing and 40% line dancing. Come early and bring your picnic lunch to enjoy in advance of the dancing. 

Attendance is limited to 75. $7 admission; advance registration required. This is an outdoor event. Covid vaccination or face masks will not be required.

Volunteers at Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon Volunteers Needed

Please help us! Sundance Saloon is a community effort, dependent on lots of people chipping in a little bit. We are always looking for more help, and this has never been more true. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the period July through September, and we are coming up extremely short. If you have not volunteered in the past, this is a great time to think about stepping in.

Our needs at Sundance Saloon include set-up, front door, and coat-check. Shifts are generally one hour. No experience necessary. 

Sundance Saloon

Supporting Sundance

As an all-volunteer, member- and community-supported organization, the Sundance Association depends on your support to keep thriving. The pandemic has put an extra burden on our finances, and our needs are never-ending. There are many ways to help us, and not all of them involve monetary contributions:

  • Become a member of the Sundance Association by pledging an annual tax-deductible donation.
  • Come on down! Support us just by showing up.
  • Introduce someone new to Sundance Saloon.
  • Use our coat-check on Sundays.
  • Put a dollar or two in one of our tip jars.
  • See if your company offers matching donations or grants for volunteer time served.
  • Remember Sundance in your estate planning.
  • Volunteer!
  • If you shop on Amazon, use Amazon Smile instead.
  • Social media! Like and follow us on Facebook. Share our posts. Share your own posts. Review us on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Tripadvisor.


M = Main Ballroom • B = Back Room • L = Loft



DJ: Dan  
5:30 Intermediate Two-Step w/ Kirk B
5:30 Beg Two-Step w/ John [beg+ @ 6:15] M
6:30 CC Shuffle (beg) w/ Randy B
6:30 Gives Me Shivers (low int) w/ Michael M
DJ: John  
5:00 Line Dance Pro [lessons at 5:15] B
5:30 Beg Two-Step w/ Ron [beg+ @ 6:15] M
6:30 Boot Scootin Boogie (beg) w/ Vince B
6:30 Do Si Do (low int) w/ Sheila M
DJ: Dan  
5:00 Line Dance Pro [lessons at 5:15] B
5:30 Beg Two-Step w/ Randy [beg+ @ 6:15] M
6:30 Jerusalema (beg) w/ Ingu B
6:30 Little Sucker (low int) w/ Vince M
7:00 Jerusalema (beg) w/ Vince M
DJ: Ingu  
5:00 Line Dance Pro [marathon, no lesson] B
5:30 Beg Two-Step w/ Charles [beg+ @ 6:15] M
6:30 Outlaw (beg) w/ Vince B
6:30 Fly Away With Me (int) w/ Michael M


DJ: Dan  
6:45 Beginning Two-Step w/ Crispin B
6:45 Intermediate Two-Step w/ Ron M
7:30 Something In The Water (beg+) Sheila B
7:30 Doctor Doctor (adv) w/ Ingu M
DJ: Ingu  
6:45 Beginning Two-Step w/ John B
6:45 Intermediate Two-Step w/ Kirk M
7:30 CC Shuffle (beg) w/ John B
7:30 Gives Me Shivers (low int) w/ Michael M
DJ: John  
6:45 Beginning Two-Step w/ Randy B
6:45 Int East Coast Swing  w/ Ron M
7:30 Boot Scootin Boogie (beg) w/ Randy B
7:30 Do Si Do (low int) w/ Sheila M
DJ: Dan  
6:45 Beginning Two-Step w/ Ingu B
6:45 Int East Coast Swing w/ Charles M
7:30 Jerusalema (beg) w/ Ingu B
7:30 Little Sucker (low int) w/ Sheila M
7:50 Jerusalema (beg) w/ Sheila M
DJ: Robert  
6:45 Beginning Two-Step w/ Randy B
6:45 Intermediate Two-Step w/ Kirk M
7:30 Outlaw (beg) w/ Randy B
7:30 Fly Away With Me (int) w/ Michael M
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