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Volunteers at SF Pride

General Volunteer Information

Sundance Saloon is quite special as a venue produced by the community for the community - it's been all-volunteer from the beginning. Sundance Saloon belongs to all of us, and it survives only with the contributions of many. If Sundance Saloon is a special part of your life, you can make it even more so by playing an active role in its success!

Volunteering is a great way to contribute, and it's rewarding and fun! It only takes an occasional hour of your time to help out at the front door or coat-check, or to help us set up or tear down. We're especially looking for volunteers who can commit to one hour a month, but any amount is helpful.

There are also opportunities to volunteer outside of Sundance Saloon, working behind-the-scenes for ongoing or special projects. In addition, we always need additional volunteers for community events, such as S.F. Pride, the Castro Street Fair, and the Sundance Stompede.

Volunteering on Sundays

Our Sunday Sundance Saloon volunteer schedule and system runs separately from our Thursday schedule. Sunday volunteer shifts are typically one hour and include:

  • set-up
  • front door
  • coat-check 

Volunteers receive free admission for the night they volunteer.

We have a new on-line volunteer system in development!

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Sunday shifts • log-in required

Volunteering on Thursdays

Thursday volunteers are handled separately from Sunday. Thursdays are currently scheduled manually by the Thursday volunteer coordinator. There is no on-line sign-up system for Thursdays.

Thursdays are usually staffed entirely by core volunteers who commit to one hour a month for a six-month stretch. However, during our reopening transition time, we are holding our core volunteer program and signing up volunteers month-to-month.

Thursday volunteer shifts are typically one hour and include:

  • front door
  • tear-down

Volunteers receive free admission for the night they volunteer.

NEW AND CURRENT VOLUNTEERS: Check the Thursday volunteer schedule. Then email volunteer@sundancesaloon.org to sign up for a shift (or to cancel a shift).

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Email volunteer@sundancesaloon.org

Core Volunteers

NOTE: We are holding our core volunteer program during this time of transition, and we are currently scheduling volunteers month-to-month and week-to-week only.

A core volunteer is someone who commits to volunteering one hour of time, once a month at Sundance Saloon on either Sundays or Thursdays. All volunteer shifts on Thursday are filled by core volunteers. About two-thirds of the Sundays shifts are filled by core volunteers.

We recruit and schedule core volunteers six months at a time. Shifts are pre-assigned with deference to your scheduling needs. Of course we understand if you need to cancel a shift later, and we make this easy for you. We do request that you either try to switch with someone else or signup for an alternate date and time.

If you're interested in being a core volunteer, contact volunteer@sundancesaloon.org with the following information:

  1. Do you prefer to volunteer on Sunday or Thursday, or is either OK?
  2. Do you have any dates in the next 6 months that you cannot volunteer?
  3. What times do you prefer to volunteer?
  4. What times are you absolutely not able to volunteer? (This is not the same as question #3! The more flexible you can be, the easier it will be for us.)
  5. For Sundays: can you work either the front door or coat-check, or do you have a strong preference for one or the other?

Also, let us know if you want to volunteer more than once a month, or anything else you'd like to tell us to help us match our needs and desires with yours.

Special Events

We have numerous special events throughout the year that require many additional volunteers. These events can include, and may not be limited to:

  • San Francisco Pride
  • Castro Street Fair
  • Sundance Stompede

Special event volunteer administration is handled separately from our regular Sundance Saloon volunteer system. We'll post detailed information about each event as the date approaches.

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