Volunteer Guide - Sundance Saloon

Volunteers at Sundance Saloon

Emergency Contact Info

We are testing a new way for volunteers and staff to reach us at Sundance Saloon to relay urgent messages, e.g. “This is Gavin Newsom. I’m stuck on the bridge but on my way.”

  • You can text us at a number that we’ll include with the volunteer reminder emails. This text goes to an app on our iPad. Please text only - no voice messages.
  • We will include this texting number with the reminder emails. To deter spam, it will not be published on our website. We recommend you put this number in your phone contacts as “Sundance Text.”
  • Use this method only when we are at (or on our way to) Sundance Saloon, after 3:00 pm on Sundays and 5:00 pm on Thursdays.
  • For routine notifications at all other times, please continue to email us at volunteer@sundancesaloon.org.
  • When you text, remember to identify yourself, or we won’t know who is texting!
  • We will reply when we see your text. If you do not receive a reply, you can assume we have not yet seen your text.
  • During our set-up time it may take some time before we see that you texted. Do not expect a reply before 4:00 on Sunday or 6:00 on Thursday.

Front door and coat-check volunteers:

  • When a text comes in, a purple notification bubble will appear at the top of our iPad. Please notify the Sundance manager as soon as you are able to.
  • Do not dismiss the notification. You can continue to use the iPad as usual.
  • If you accidentally dismiss the notification, though, it’s not a big deal.

Collecting Admission Fees

Take your time and focus on one task at a time!

Regular payment

  • Admission is $7.
  • Credit cards are strongly preferred, but we can accept cash.
  • Enter every paid admission, cash or credit, into Square Register (see separate instructions)


  • All comps must be recorded on the comp sheet.
  • Permanent comps - There is a list of these folks who just check their names off on the upper section of the comp sheet.
  • Volunteers - If volunteering tonight, should write their name on the comp sheet under "volunteers." (Just checking their name off on the volunteer list doesn’t count.)
  • Comp passes - Check the expiration date on the back, but be lenient about accepting expired comp passes. Have the entrant write their name on the comp sheet under "passes." Cancel the pass by tearing it or stamping it and place in the cash drawer.


  • If someone is unable to afford entry, they can pay what they can. Enter this as a Discount Admission.
  • If someone is unable to afford entry and receives a comp admission, record this on the comp sheet.

Checking IDs

  • IMPORTANT: Check the ID of anyone who looks under 40 who isn't a regular attendee at Sundance Saloon. We cannot allow anyone under 21 into the club.
  • If you are not sure who is a regular and who is not, it's best to ask for the ID. You can assume folks on the permanent comp list are over 21.
  • Outside beverages - We do not allow outside beverages or beverage containers into the club. This includes water and water bottles. If you see someone with a beverage container, this must be left at the coat check or taken back to the car.

Face Mask Guidance

Our official policy at this time is that face masks are strongly advised but not required. Volunteers no longer are required to wear a mask while volunteering. However, volunteers should be sensitive to the needs of incoming attendees.  

There are high-quality KF94 masks available for free for folks to use while at Sundance Saloon. These are expensive, and we don't want folks taking fistfuls of these home. So we posted a sign that says they are $1 each to take home. We are not going to enforce this, but if someone does want to pay, there is a KF94 button on the register.

Coat Check (Sundays)


  • Coat check is $3 per item.
  • You can be lenient when assessing whether something is more than one item.
  • Credit cards are preferred, but we can accept cash.
  • Enter every paid coat check (cash or credit) into the coat check's Square iPad (see separate instructions)

For coats:

  • Divide the coat-check tag into its two parts, and place the larger part on a hanger. The attendee gets the smaller part.
  • Hang coats on the coat rack in numerical order.

For bags:

  • Attach the coat-check tag to the item with a twist-tie. Twist the end of the tie so it is secure.
  • Place bags on the ground along the back wall, in numerical order.

Merchandise Sales

We currently have the following for sale:

  • Sundance Saloon T-shirts - $15

Recording a sale:

  • Enter every sale into our Square Register system. (see separate instructions).
  • We will accept cash or credit. (We strongly prefer credit cards.)
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