Volunteer Guide - Sundance Saloon

Volunteers at Sundance Saloon

Take your time and focus on one task at a time.
Folks in line can wait and (hopefully) will be patient.

Checking Proof of Vaccination

There are two classes of attendees:
A. Folks who have sent in their vaccination documentation already, and
B. Folks who haven’t.

For folks who HAVE NOT sent in their vaccination documentation: 

  • They need to fill out a contact tracing form that asks for a name and email address. 
  • They will then present the following three items:
    1. Contact tracing form – place in the collection container
    2. Vaccination documentation:
      • CDC vaccination card, or
      • Photo of CDC vaccination card, or
      • CA Covid Vaccine Record including QR code. (We have a reader.)
    3. Photo ID
  • The name on the ID should match the vax documentation. 
  • Check that the date of the final shot is at least 14 days ago. (For J&J there is only one shot, so that is the final shot.) 
  • Check the birthdate on the ID to ensure the attendee is 21 or older.

For folks who HAVE sent in their vaccination documentation: 

  • They only need to present their photo ID. 
  • They will check their own name off a list as you confirm that the name matches the photo ID. 
  • No contact tracing form is needed. If they filled one out, please destroy this. (We already have their contact information on file.) 
  • If there is a star by a name, that means the preferred name differs substantially from the legal name. No ID check is needed for these folks. (If you find someone else for whom this applies, please make a note for us to review later.)

Additional notes: 

  • Be on the lookout for any vaccination card that looks suspicious. 
  • CA residents can confirm their vaccine record online. This is useful for someone who forgot their card, or to confirm a suspicious card, for example. We have the web address posted at the club.

Collecting Admission Fees

Regular payment 

  • Admission is $7.
  • Credit cards are preferred, but we can accept cash.
  • Enter every paid admission, cash or credit,; into Square Register (see separate instructions)


  • All comps must be recorded on the comp sheet.
  • Tonight’s volunteers should write their name on the comp sheet under "volunteers." (Just checking their name off on the volunteer list doesn’t count.)
  • All comp passes are currently valid regardless of expiration date. Collect the pass and have the entrant write the name on the comp sheet under "passes."


  • If someone is unable to afford entry, they can pay what they can. Enter this as a Discount Admission.
  • If someone is unable to afford entry and receives a comp admission, record this on the comp sheet.

Face Mask Guidance

Types of masks allowed:

  • The mask can be cloth, fabric, or surgical.
  • The mask should conform to the face.
  • Not allowed:
    • Bandanas or single-layer gaiters
    • Masks with valves or holes
    • Masks or face shields open on one or more sides.

When masks are required:

  • Masks are required while indoors.
  • Masks are not required outdoors, except while interacting with front door staff.
  • Masks are not required indoors while *actively* drinking. Masks should be in place in between sips.
  • Food should be consumed outside.

Coat Check (Sundays)


  • Coat check is $3 per item. 
  • You can be lenient when assessing whether something is more than one item. 
  • Credit cards are preferred, but we can accept cash. 
  • Enter every paid coat check (cash or credit) into the coat check's Square iPad (see separate instructions)

For coats: 

  • Divide the coat-check tag into its two parts, and place the larger part on a hanger. The attendee gets the smaller part. 
  • Hang coats on the coat rack in numerical order.

For bags: 

  • Attach the coat-check tag to the item with a twist-tie. Twist the end of the tie so it is secure. 
  • Place bags on the ground along the back wall, in numerical order.

Merchandise Sales

We currently have the following for sale:

  • Sundance Saloon T-shirts - $15
  • Sundance Saloon face masks - $15

Recording a sale:

  • Enter every sale into our Square Register system. (see separate instructions).
  • We will accept cash or credit. (We prefer credit cards.)
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