Volunteer Instructions: SF Pride 2022

Boot-check Instructions

- Each item checked is $3.

- Boots, coats, and small items can go into bags; tape or staple ticket to bag.  Make sure there is no tag attached to the bag left over from a previous event.

- For backpacks and other larger items attach tickets directly with twist-ties, tape or string.

- Please inform customers that we will close at 6:00. We cannot be responsible for unclaimed items.

- Please store items in numerical order ! ! !

- In-and-out requires an additional donation – any amount is fine, even $1. Please explain this to customers when they check their items in, so they can hang on to items they might need. (We’ve been inundated with in-and-outs in the past.) If anyone makes a fuss over this, then don't worry about it, and don't charge extra.

- If it gets busy and a long line develops, don’t feel like to you need to stress or rush.  It’s OK to have a line.  Folks have to wait in line for drinks, food and the toilets.  They can wait for their bags too!

- IMPORTANT - SECURITY: This is a very public space. If you have any suspicion about the nature of what is being checked, ask the manager for advice, or find Pride security or police.  Do not let any unauthorized person in the secure area, no matter how well you know this person. Authorized persons include the volunteers.

- Proceeds and "tips" benefit The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing.

Wrangler Instructions

We are handing out two postcards, a Sundance Saloon general info flyer, and a special Give Out Day flyer:

Sundance Saloon general flyer  Sundance Saloon general flyer

Please don’t actively distribute the many other types of flyers. We have fewer of everything else, so we want to save those for folks who have an interest.

The idea is to get as many flyers out to as many people as possible. The goal for each 90-minute shift is to distribute at least 250 flyers.

Wander around the dance floor and pass these out to the crowd standing around watching. (You can take an occasional dance break!)

You can go through the crowd fairly quickly. Many folks won’t want them, and that’s OK, but you’ll find that many folks do accept them quite eagerly. If you just hold them up and offer them, you'll often find folks reaching for them.

An excellent time to focus on this task is during and just after line dances, which tend to draw the biggest crowd of onlookers. Another important time is right after our lessons, as folks come off the dance floor.

While most folks will take flyers passively, some will have questions for you. Take a little time (but not too much!) with these interested folks to encourage them to come. Explain that we don't have our regular Sundance Saloon event that night. We have lots more information at the boot-check.

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