Give Out Day

Give Out Day

Thanks to the 1063 donors who
• raised over $22,000 for the Sundance Association, and
• propelled into 2nd place and a $5,000 grant
Final standings are here.

What Is Give Out Day?

Give Out Day

Give Out Day is a national day of giving to LGBTQ organizations, hosted by the Horizons Foundation. Prize grants of up to $10,000 are are awarded to the organizations with the highest number of unique donors who give $10 or more to an organization between June 1 and June 30, 2020.

Our goal is to get 1000 unique donors. We initially thought 500 would be enough, but not this year. We have recently been bumped out of our first place standing. Help us get back on top!

We need YOU to donate $10 on the Sundance Give Out Day portal by 9 pm PDT June 30. Get a few friends (who haven’t already donated) to give $10 too! You can even create your own fundraising page if you want.

The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of country-western dancing for the LGBT community and its friends. As an all-volunteer and community-supported nonprofit organization, the Sundance Association fosters individual growth and passion, encourages volunteerism and philanthropic giving, and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

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FAQs For Donors

We are no longer collecting donations for Give Out Day.

If you would like to make a donation to the Sundance Association, we encourage you to use our COVID-19 RELIEF FUND.


How do I donate? Click on the green DONATE NOW button on this page, or copy and paste this link directly into your browser: Then click on DONATE.

When should I donate? Although Give Out Day itself is June 30, you can donate any time from June 1 through June 30 (9:00 pm PDT) for your donation to count towards our goal.

Can I donate more than $10? Yes. For your donation to count towards our goal, the minimum donation is $10. Larger donations are welcome. You are also welcome to donate multiple times, but you will be counted only once as a unique donor. Still, Sundance benefits from the donation itself.

Can I donate less than $10? Donations less than $10 are not encouraged, as these will not count towards our unique donor goal.

Does all of my donation go to the Sundance Association? Yes. The sponsoring organization is the Horizons Foundation, and the donation platform is Mighty Cause, so you may encounter these organizations as a part of Give Out Day. But all of your donation, minus a small service fee, goes directly to Sundance.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation? Yes. Your donation is 100% tex-deductible tp the maximum extent allowed by law. A receipt will be sent to you by email immediately after your donation is completed. If you do not receive this, check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, check with Mighty Cause support at

Can I donate multiple times using different names? No! Our donor list will be culled to exclude duplicate names, email addresses, and credit cards.

Can I make an anonymous donation? Technically yes, but please don't, as it will not count towards our unique donor count. You can, however, choose for your name not to be publicly displayed, which is not the same as making an anonymous donation.

Do I have to donate online? While accommodations can be made to donate by cash or check, it's complicated, and we aren't assured that the donation will count towards our "unique donor" goal. Contact or call 415-820-1403 for more information.

Can my Sundance membership donation count towards Give Out Day? Yes, but if you use the Sundance Give Out Day page to make a membership donation, please email us separately to tell us your intent. If you do this, we recommend that you donate $10 through Give Out Day and the remainder through normal channels, which will help keep our fees low. You can, for example, even donate $10 now and apply it to a future membership renewal. Just make sure we know this is what you want.

What happens to my donor information? The Sundance Association will receive this information. We will not use this data unless we need to contact you specifically about your donation. The Horizons Foundation and Mighty Cause will also receive this information. Our understanding is that you may receive email news about Give Out Day from them, and you can unsubscribe. Your information will not be shared.

More questions? Contact

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Advice For Fundraisers

We encourage you to solicit additional donations from friends and family. The simplest way to do this is to send them the link to our Give Out Day donation page directly:

Or you can send them to this same page that you are viewing now, if you think they will want more detailed information:

You can also set up a personal fundraising page. This personalizes your appeal, and you'll be able to track folks who donate on your behalf through your page. We have a template to get you started, and depending on how much personalization you want, it can take anywhere from about 10 to 30 minutes to create the page. If you like, we'll create the page for you. Ask us how.

If you decide to create a personal fundraising page, please read through the instructions we've prepared below. We want to make sure your personal fundraising page is linked to the Sundance Association, and there are some settings you need to revise so your donors have the proper experience.

Please remember that we are especially looking for unique donors, and that different names with the same email address or credit card will be flagged as duplicates.

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Setting Up A Personal Fundraising Page

It is not necessary to create a personal fundraising page, but you can if you want your fundraising to be more personal. This is helpful too, if you have many people to contact.

Setting up a personal fundraising page is easy. We have a template with most of the information filled in. But we were not able to fill in everything, so you will need to enter some information and make some adjustments.

If you wish, we can set up your entire page for you. First, create an account using your email address and a password you're willing to share with us. (***Don't use Facebook or Google to log in.***) Then contact us with this information, and we'll do the rest!

For do-it-yourselfers: we have detailed instructions in pdf format. And although there are 7 pages of instructions, it should go fast. At the very minimum, be sure to include the following:

The most important steps are:

  • Start at the right place to link your page to Sundance. Start here:, and click on the FUNDRAISE button.
  • Create an account.
  • Build your main fundraising page. We've done most of this for you, but not all, and you may wish to change our default text and settings.
  • Set up your donation payment page. You should set the minimum donation button to $10.
  • Create a custom URL that you can send to folks, with the format

Donor List as of 3:00 pm PDT June 30

This is a rough list of donors, with duplicates included. This list does NOT include donors who marked their names not to be published.

larry abacan
Vic Abrahams
Daniel Adams
Elizabeth Adams
Jeffrey Adelson
Janet Aguilera
Sarina Aguirre
Jennie Akune
Roger Albertson
Beth Allen
Kym Allen
Kym Allen
Parrish Allen
Jason Anderson
Thomas Anderson
Scott Andrews
John Antoun
Shin Aoki
Kathleen Archambeau
Randy Arroyave
Bettina Aschenbrenner
Douglas Aschenbrenner
Elizabeth Auran
Haley Ausserer
Sandra Ayling
Amer Azar
richard babb
William Baird
Ashley Baker
James Banks
Angela Baratta
david barlow
Michael Barnes
Tracy Barrantes-Allio
Xavier Barrera
Georgina Barron
Silvia Barron
Stephanie Barron Lu
Holly Barton
Robert Barzan
Peter Baty
Edwin Bautista
george la bella
Bjorn Berg
Roger Bergmann
Marianne Bertuccelli
Marianne Bertuccelli
Rosanne Bertuccelli
Diane Bessette
Jason Biggers
Brenda Bishop
Kathleen Bloom
Albert Bolt
Mike Booher
Allen Borcherding
Allen Borcherding
Richard Bottega
Tyler Box
Paul Brady
christopher brewster
Douglas Brewster
Sean Brient
Donald Brook
Jennifer Brook
Jennifer Brook
JD Brooks
Christopher Brophy
Gladys Brown
Michelle Brunak
Michelle Brunak
Geoffrey Buchheim
Donald Buckley
Edward Buckley
Roberta Buckley
Sarah Bumpers
Kyle Burke
Mel Burns
Karen Bush
Asher Butnik
Tom Cacciotti
Sam Calandra
Beth Calvin
Karen Campbell
Kirk Campbell
Leigh-Ann Campbell
Torri Campbell
Mary Campbell McCue
Athena Cardiasmenos
Julian Carter
Roy Casstevens
Percy Castellanos
Silvia Castellanos
Michael Castello
John Cavano
Heath Cedillo
David Chadwick
Mark Chai
Mark Chai
Michelle Chang
John Chard
Reuben Chong
Arthur Choy
Bernard clark
George Clark
Jed Clark
Nancy Cleveland
Mark Cloutier
Scott Clugston
Michael Clune
Peet Cocke
Judy Coelho
Eitan Cohen
Ilan Cohen
Tamar Cohen
Carlo Coletti
Peter Compton
mark conrad
Michael Conradt
Marcos Contreras
Marcos Contreras
James Corbett
Gene Corpuz
Ryan Coultis
Richard Criley
Paul Croeger
Daniel Crowley
Mark Crowley
Micahel Cuffe
Debbie Cullip
Stephen Cullip
Angela Daddario
Helen Davis
Todd Davis
Todd Davis
Kai Davis-Banks
Tice Davis-Banks
annabelle day
Kevin Dean
Linda DeClercq
Kelsey DeFlippo
Mavis Delacroix
Susanna Denham
Howard DePorte
Artevald Desuyo
Pup Deuce
Sanjay Devdas
Sanjay Devdas
Amy Dewey
Pipi Diamond
Brady Dilena
Kara Dille
Howard Dippold
Rodeo Director
Erin Disher
Eric Dodd
Jean Doherty
Paul Donnelly
Armin Drake
Dhiraj Dudeja
Jess Dugan
Brian Dugard
Reginald Dugard
Theresa Dugard
Dan Dyer
lily e
Chad Eckman
Lois Elling
Matt Ellinger
Karen Elliott
Paul Ellmore
Shai Erlich
Birgit Eschmann
Helen Esquivel
Mark Evans
caron ewing
Phil F
Vanessa Fabbre
Jessie Faige
Patrick Fanizzi
Sabrina Farhi
Amanda Fasenmyer
James Fauntleroy
Allie Fawcett
Wendy Feldman
terry felts
Sheryl Fernandez
John Festa
Luz Figueroa
Victoria Fiore
Elizabeth Fischbach
Francois Fisette
Katy Fleming
Carole Flores
Kamila Flores
Nestor Flores
Lewis Fly
Michael Foster
charles. foulkes
Marc Fowler
Carol Francis
Sheryl Freeborn
Bruce Friedberg
Whitney Friedlander
Robert Friedman
Kai Fu
joyce gagnon
Cheryl Gallagher
John Gallagher
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia
Nick Gardner
Susan Garell
April Gaudette
David gendreau
Bill George
Shawn V. Giammattei
Erik Gibb
George Gibbs
Gina Gilliam
Katharine Giteck
Molly Glover
Edwin Goei
Dave Goldberg
Daniel Goldes
Jack Good
Sara Goodman
Ken Gourley
Jill Gover
Joseph Greaves
Alisha Greenbaum
Matthew Greenbaum
Ellen Greene
Ellen Greene
Kevin Grenon
David Griffin
Standford Griffith
Tiziano Grifoni
Zeina Grifoni
Thomas Grissinger
Michelle Groleau
Normand Groleau
P Grubb
David Grubbe
Jose luis Guillen
Cindy Haag
Robert Hackney
Robert Hackney
Cindy Haendler
Elaine Hagopian
Christine Hahn
Aimee Haire
Shannon Halkyard
Rebecca Hall
Eric Handorf
Nancy Handorf
Stephen Handorf
Scott Hanning
Wilson Hardcastle
Wilson Hardcastle
Chandler Harris
Chandler Harris
Malcolm Harris
Ken Harrison
Alison Hart
Julie & Kathy Harvill-Doyle
Alison Hawthorne
Rachael Hawtin
Dave Hayes
Marianne Hayes
Marianne Hayes
Doug Hayward
Amity Hejinian
Joseph Held
Erika Hempel
Kiara Heng
anna henson
Kevin Henson
Stephen Herman
Jorge Luis Hernandez
Ming-Lun Ho
Alexandria Hodes
Susan Hodges
Ben Hoff
John Hoffman
Phillip Hofford
Summer Holladay
Crispin Hollings
Patricia Holton
Rachel Hoobing
Ryan Hoskins
En-chi Hsu
John Huebler
Kathryn Huebner
Martha Huettl
Paul Humphries
Jim Hunger
Lav Huskey
Esther Ingrao
Mary israel
Nobu Ito
Mark Izzillo
Glenn Jackson
Eric Jansen
Charles Jasper
Ronald Jenkins
Terry Jensen
Francisco Jiron
Scott Johnson
Mark Johnston
Don Jones
James Jones
Jessica Judd
Risë Justman
Lisa K
Darryl Kalbaugh
Sherie Kao
Abdallah Karam
Steven Karbelnig
Jonathan Karron
Robert Katz
Steve Kaye
Sylvia Kaye
Tom Keim
Andrew Kelchner
Klint Kendrick
John Kennedy
John Kennedy
John Kennedy
A Ketler
Chelle Kifer
Kris Kifer
Alice Kilgore
Toni King
Jim Kingdon
Michelle Kinkaid
Shane Kirkpatrick
Andy Knapp
Willis Koo
Martin Kooi
Susan Krauss
Gary Ku
Lee Kus
Mason Kwong
Nitsa Lallas
Tashi Lama
Jessica Lane
Moritz Langner
Peter Langner
Mitch LaPlante
Rick Lareau
Vince Larkin
Jar Larsen
Donna lazorik
Hao Le
Jock Leatherman
Miles LeBoeuf
Alan Lee
Jon Lee
Linda Lee
John Legge
Donald Leighton
Heidi Lemos
Danny Leong
Sarah Letson
Ellen Levitt
Robin Lewis
Cyndi Liles
Denise Lillian
Jennifer Lin
David Lloyd
Charles Locher
Kay Loewer
Warren Longmire
Kekoa Lopez
Kodi Love
Roberto Lu-Flores
Thomas Lubrano
Jaime Lee Lunz
Kurt Lunz
Desmid Lyon
Melly M
Keith Macaluso
Bacilia Macias
Kathleen MacIntyre
Anne Maclachlan
Rob Maier
Evgeny Malko
Jon Mankowski
Mary Mankowski
Keith Manning
Annamaria Manodori
Chiara Manodori
Robert March
Dean Marrone
Christina Marshall
Alan Martinez
Jessica Marx
Kristin Masters
Lynda Mates
Dallas Maynor
Dallas Maynor
Patrick McCleskey
Steven McCowan
Jim McCue
Kenneth McCulla
Martha McDonell
Bette McDonnell
Diana McDonnell
Joan McDonough
Scott McElhinney
Tracy McElhinney
Michael McGee
Lorie McGuinness
Abby McKenzie
Abigail McKenzie
Rob Mckenzie
Sarah McKenzie
Donald McKillop
Richard Mcleod
Robin McMurchie
Samantha McWilliams
Sam Mendoza
Harlan Messinger
Michael Metzger
Kenneth Mierow
Ken Miguel
Michael Milbauer
Howard Miller
Linda Miller
Bill Mills
Kellie Mills
scott mills
Ain Milner
Mike Minarik
Akiyo Mineo-Aldis
Lydia Miner-Voigt
Russell Minor
Dinyar Mistry
David Mitchell
Michael Mojica
Leah Molinari-Jones
Val Mondor
Charles Monroe
Maggie Monroe
Herbert Moore
MarQues Moore
Roland Moore
Jamie Moran
Andrew Moreno
Daniel Moretti
Vince Morgante
Travis Morris
Brian Morrisroe
Adam Mosley
Zo Mouton
Robert Munzer
Henrieta Muradzikwa
austin myers
Curt Myers
Linda Myers
David Nale
Katsuhiro Namba
Don Nelson
Libby Neumann
Mike Newman
Gaylene Newquist
Tuan Ngo
Erik Ninomiya
Jeffrey Nisewanger
Brad Nolan
Daniel Noll
Karen Noll
Mark Novak
Teresa Novicki
Cristina Noyes
Michael Nunez
Ray Nutter
Alana O’Neal
Alana O’Neal
blanchard oakes
Skip Ober Miller
Teresa Obrien
Heather Olinto
Rob Ollander-Krane
Rob Ollander-Krane
Karen Olrik
Craig Olson
Craig Olson
Lily Ongjoco
Tam Ongjoco
Tam Ongjoco
Tam Ongjoco
Dan Onitsuka
sheila orourke
Linda Ortiz
Bob Overby
Grace Padua
Erin Paige
Daniel Pailas
Anthony Palombit
Anthony Palombit
Elaine Palombit
Joe Palombit
Kelly Palombit
Carol Pandolfi
Michelle Pappe
Jin Park
Phia Paterno
Colette Patt
John Paul
Jim Peeples
Andi Perez
John Perez
Jennifer Peringer
Benjamin PerLee
Joseph J Pessa Jr
Jen Petke
Dale Petros
Eric Petsinger
Daniel Pham
Panos Philandrinos
Alice Philipson
Alice Philipson
warren pino
Warren Pino
Benjamin Pither
Bruce Pither
John Pleskach
Richard Pocius
Ron Points
Pamela Polizzi
Geraldine Pollak
Alison Poole
Giorgio Porro
James Porter
Thomas Porter
Daniel Pound
Andrea Pressman
Marlene Pressman
Jason Prodoehl
Venus Proffer
Jeff Pulvirenti
Yuliana Quintero
Chris Raeburn
Josh Raeburn
Nikki Raeburn
Stewart Ralphs
Meera Raman
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez
Christina Ramos
Martin Ratner
Alex Ray
David Reardon
Malcolm Reasons
Evan Redwing
Holly Reese
Allen Register
Sergius Rei
Ken Reiman
Anne Reitz
Eric Reitz
Richie Reyna
Jovino Ribeiro
John Ribeiro-Broomhead
Mark Ridler
Charlotte Riggs
Pat & Julie Riley
madeline ritchie
Daniel Rivard
Pamela Rizzi
Laura Robinson
Bruce Roby
Raul Rocha
Steve Rockwell
Ashley Rodriguez
Bob Rodriguez
Bob Rodriguez
Delaney Rodriguez
José Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez
Melo Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Mitch Rolin
michael roman
Texas Rose
Howard Rosen
Amelia Rosenman
John Rosenman
cheryl rosenthal
Ken Ross
Charles Rountree
Ronnie Rowland
Karol Rubin
Cullen Ruff
Armand Russo
Alex Saenz
Alexa Sakellariou
Andrea Sakellariou
George Sakellariou
Rafael Sakellariou
Minalee Saks
David Salice
Matthew Sanders
Nicole Santimauro
Chuck Saucer
Jacob Schaaf
Daniel Schadler
Gabriele Schaefer
Jill Schalet
Edward Schiffer
Ryan Schilling
Sheila Schlicht
Pamela Schmidt
Jazmin Schneider
Scott Schrank
Kirk Schuler
Timothy Schuman
Alan Schut
Wesley Scruggs
Herbert Seamons
Yenni Setiawan
Bill Severino
Joanne Shaefer
Leah Shahum
Neeraj Sharma
Kibibi Shaw
Ellyn Shea
Richard Sheftman
Cumba Siegler
Cumba Siegler
John Sims
Mia Singleton
Collin Siu
Lawrence Skaggs
Jay Smith
Shawna Sodersten
Dean Soma
Marisa Spanial
Amy Spierling
Karen Steen
Johan Steiner
Susan Steingraber
Mel Stenger
Charles Sterck
Michael Stevens
j stevenson
Sandra Stone
Alison Stowers
Sarah Strauss
Carolyn Stroebe
Michelle Stromberg
Alex Stutzmann
Jack Su
Evelyn Sullivan
Liam Sullivan
Mackenzie Sullivan
Steve Sullivan
Alice Swett
Stephen Swett
Walter Swett
Andrew Taines
Majken Talbot
Janice Taylor
Timothy Taylor
William Temple
Bob Thacher
Oswell The
Adam Thomas
Ralph Thomas
Nickolas Tice
David Tiller
Emily Tilles
Ted Tilles
Griffin Toffler
Mark Troy
Katherine Troyer
Sharon Truho
Angela Ty
Michael Urata
Fredi Valera
Rachel Valera Arceo
Lee Van Duzer
Larry Varela
Marjory Vazquez
Daniela Vecchio
Rich Venezia
Burleigh Vigneault
Jet Villavicencio
Thom Vindiola
Domenic Viterbo-Martinez
Shona Waddell
Beverly Wagstaff
Catherine Walker
John Walker
Jerry Wang
Seth Ward
Jim Warhol
Aldo Watkins
Kishana watson
Glen Weisman
Howard Wenger
Lisa Wenger
Racheli Wercberger
Sally West
Tim Whitaker
Carlton White
Jack Whiteford
Tamara Whiteleather
Thomas Whiteleather
Matthew Wick
Murray Wicks
Drew Wilder
Maria Wilkinson
Aileen Williams
James Williams
Kevin Williams
Wendy Williams
Evan Willis
Nan Wilson
Brian Wines
Joseph Winkler
Richard Wisher
Steven Wissing
Mikr Wojcik
Delta Wong
durwin wong
Ramon Woo
Helen Woodbury
Toyia Wortham
Brian Yamanaka
Jeffrey Yang
Eiki Yoshikawa
Jim Yoshioka
Merle Yost
christa youngern
Ingu Yun
Young-Ju Yun
David Yurkovic
Hui Z
Gail Zacharias
Alexander Zachary
Paul Ziller
Bob Zorr

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